The Thirteenth Dimension
One hand hitting the other makes for a nice welcome
The Richie Millennium Variety Show

Thanks for coming. Ever since it's inception, the comic strip has been a popular medium of expression. Sometimes poignant, sometimes witty, sometimes melancholic, but always a voice of the people. You'll be glad to know that the same holds true in the Thirteenth Dimension. Here, the voice of the people erupts from the larynx of Richie Millennium, the model citizen of the Thirteenth. Mind you, he's the voice of the freaky people, but he's a voice of the people nonetheless. It works out pretty well, actually, since that covers the majority of the residents of Dimension #13. Apparently, there's a complex migration pattern involved, the specifics of which I shall not divulge. All I can say is that it has a little something to do with molecular calculus.

Anway. Enough rambling. I can sense that some of you are wondering what in the Sam Hill is going on around here. Well, for better or for worse, you're about to find out. Consider it a little insight into the goings-on of D13. A Poor Richie's Almanac, if you will. Ladies and laddies, the show is about to begin. Live from the Highlander Fidelity Dinner Theater in the heart of the district...

The Man From R.E.R.U.N.

Have you seen the previous episodes of the variety show before? Well then, it's new to you!

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