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Super Elastic Combustion Rodeo Historical Society


The Super Elastic Combustion Rodeo tells quite a story. It uses big words, run-on sentences, and an even number of gerund phrases. As the story grows, our Historical Society takes on the task of writing it down. Armed only with a shoebox full of colored pencils, the Historical Society will preserve this story.


Facts and Artifacts

You'll Never Want for Any More Discussion Topics as You Wrestle with the Holiday Interstate Traffic ... a list.

A look ahead at half of the movies on my schedule for my favorite event of the year ... a preview.

The first list I ever made for ten years' worth of movies ... a list.

I wasn't stranded on a desert island in the 90's, nor the decade after that ... a list.

If you don't want a wild list, don't hang around the albums I bought in 2009 ... a list.

Yes ... a list.

The year in Dave Eggers, Jesse Eisenberg, and children's books turned into movies ... a list.

Films are awarded for merely having the spirit of independence, whether or not they actually are! ... a preview.

Or on the West Coast, the Spinning Late Local News ... a voiceover.

A reminder for those of us who need it. ... an encouragement.

The Haunting English-language Piano-based Love Theme to House (Hausu) ... a song.

Teddy Bear Island ... a sketch.

This Is The Closest I'll Come To Writing Something You Could Embroider ... a poem.

It's all the film fanaticism of Sundance without most of the unnecessary pretentiousness ... a list.

It started as just a song for Banjo, but now it is for all of you ... a song.

The Monsters of Media Matchup, Music vs Film: The Top 13 of 2004 ... a list.

Back Once Again For All Of Your Advice, Profundity, Sageness, And What Have You ... a column.

The Things, Various In Nature, From The Year 2003, Combined From Lists Respective To Format, Liked By Me Most ... a list.

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Beginners For Dummies ... a list.

Here For All Of Your Advice, Profound Wisdom, Sage Counsel, And Light Hauling Needs ... column.

The League of Vowels - Episode One ... a serial.

When We Said We Were Holding Out For A Hero, We Really Should Have Been More Specific ... an introduction.

If this is your first visit to ... a list.

A Message From Beyond Sanity ... a letter.

A Quick Run-Through Of A Hastily Jotted Down Brainstorming Session About The First Steps For What Will Likely Be My Resolutions For The New Year - Volume One ... a list.

Delicious Symbolic Pencil ... a commentary.

Some Sort Of Arch Nemesis To The Karaoke Superstar ... streaming audio.

Thwarted Villainy Resists Further Thwartation In An Attempt To Return To Villainy Already In Progress ... a recounting.

A Noggin So Enormous It Once Totally Clogged A Black Hole ... a diatribe.

And Now It Is Time To Sing The Many Praises Of Cooking ... a school report.

The Lemur Who Chose To Do The Right Thing And Still Got To Go To The IHOP ... a children's story.

The Best Song Ever Written About A Refrigerator Who Wanted To Be A Boy ... song lyrics.

And Even As I Wander About The Tub, I'm Keeping The Soap In Sight ... deceased audio.

I Believe It Was Saint Thomas Aquinas Who First Said, "My Bad" ... an editorial.

The 13D Daily Rigors And Faux Sports Beat Report Thingy ... an article.

Two Great Things That Go Great Together ... a photograph.

Well, You Know What I Always Say About Myself ... a commentary.

If I Kinda Cross My Eyes A Little Bit And Sit Near The Dry Erase Markers, I Realize I've Done A Few Things In My Day ... a list.

If I Were Deserted On An Island In The Nineties With A CD Player ... a top 25 list.


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