The Thirteenth Dimension
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Postcards From The Thirteenth Dimension

I really must warn you, before you look any further - this is not your father's postcard collection. These postcards salute various special occasions and momentous achievements, in very much the same way that greeting cards do. No, there are no Christmas cards here. And there are no birthday cards here. There are many fine resources already available for wishing others well on these special days. These postcards... well... these postcards are just different. I simply cannot find the words to describe these postcards very easily. I guess you'll just need to look for yourself if you want to understand. Please remember that the word 'understand' is a very relative term in the Thirteenth Dimension. I would try to explain further but they're ringing the bell now, so it's time for Jello. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Front

Please select a postcard front from among the following choices. If you would like to see all of the available postcard fronts in actual size, then visit the Postcard Preview Page. Or better still, click on any of the images below and see what it will look like full-size!

Lint-free Belly button
Misguided Life
Haiku Of Goodness
Mass Containment
Fabulous Posture
Nucleotide Isolation
Enjoyable Pie
Bowling Confidence
Parallel Parking
New Haircut
Haiku Fashion Plate Postcards
Sporting Encounter

Step 2: The Back

Now enter the following information about yourself and the postcard recipient. Make sure you answer all of the questions - I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't necessary! The recipient will receive (this is their primary role as 'recipient') an e-mail from the Thirteenth notifying them that a postcard is awaiting them here. Included in this message is a link to the postcard's URL. Once they click the link, they will learn once and for all just what kind of person you really are!

In case you were wondering, here's the layout of the postcard back:

{The body of your postcard message goes in this space.}

{Your name goes here.}
{Your e-mail address goes here.}
c/o Richie Millennium
The Thirteenth Dimension

{The recipient's name goes here.}
{The recipient's e-mail address goes here.}

{The subject of the postcard message goes in this space.}

Point A: You

Your name:

Email address:

Point B: The Recipient

Recipient's name:

Email address:

Point C: The Message

Message Subject:


Step 3: Submit Your Request

Now here's the tough part - pushing the button. Go ahead. Push the button. I implore you. Just make sure you push the correct button. If you push the wrong button, you could be savagely hurled into a cosmic vortex filled with cosmic spiders. Yikes! I didn't mean to alarm you there. Enjoy pushing the button of your choice!