The Thirteenth Dimension

I love all of you the same

The Dimension of Sound in Hi-Fi Stereo

Your Weight On The Moon

The Dimension Of Sound In Hi-fi Stereo



Proper Noun



Rocketship XL-3

Here comes the sound!
$02 Special Agent Conrad Uno I like to believe that he has a canine companion named Trixie
$03 Electrostatic Brain Field Is the next step the transplantation of the human brain?
$04 Shockwave Sounds kinda like Coco on a Farfisa
$05 Taser Guns Mean Big Fun Makes me wish I wasn't so grounded
$06 F= GmM(moon) / r^2 He asked her how much she weighs and got away with it!
$07 Space Patrol Somewhere between mall police and highway patrolmen
$08 Happy Fingers 5000 little fingers, all playing together on my piano
$09 Destination Venus How long are y'all going to be on Earth?
$0A Polaris We bring you a strange story about a thing out of space