The Thirteenth Dimension
The movie went straight to cable access
The Dimension Of Sound In Hi-Fi Stereo
The Theme To 13D

You've got to hear this song! Do you enjoy it when people say this to you incessantly while you're trying to walk briskly down a dark street that you're not familiar with? Sure, we all do! Did you realize that for the price of a cup of coffee, you could own a copy of that song for your very own? Legally, I mean. I see how you are - with your smirky smile, and the rest of your smirky face... smirky nose, smirky forehead, and what have you. Well you know what, Richie don't "roll like that". He's not "down". He "can't figure out who keeps adding quote marks around his casual lingo". He's "not willing to admit that he has a problem, and he thinks that there's a 'punk' in the word 'punctuation'".

So do you want to hear that song or not?

The Bad Plus - Give
I'm not sure whether to call them a jazz trio that rocks, or a rock band with jazz instruments, or a white funk riff band for the new millennium. I apologize.

1979 Semi-Finalist Listen to 1979 Semi-Finalist
And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation Listen to And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation
Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
The implications are phenomenal. Not only have the planets aligned in a moment of time, but those same planets then began to march in formation toward the gates of heaven.

Have Mercy on Me Listen to Have Mercy On Me
Portland, Oregon Listen to Portland, Oregon
Seekonk - For Barbara Lee
This album is the ultimate expression of mellow, gentle agression. By the end of each song, you're surprised to see how far you've come since the song's first notes.

Move Listen to Move
Tiny Lustre Listen to Tiny Lustre
The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place
When I meet Sofia Coppola, this is the group I would mention as the conversation turned to the subject of music. There's a chance she's not heard of them yet, but she should. As should you. As should we all.

Thule Listen to Thule
Moss Mountain Town Listen to Moss Mountain Town
My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves
If you were to use the phrase "My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves" as your epitaph, you could probably freak a few people out. That's why you should also have a display case placed next to your tombstone showing the CD cover, so that people can see that it's just the name of an album.

Dancefloors Listen to Dancefloors
Master Plan Listen to Master Plan
Amy Farris - Anyway
Heading East Listen to Heading East
Pretty Dresses Listen to Pretty Dresses
Ollabelle - self-titled
Two Steps Listen to Two Steps
The Storms Are on the Ocean Listen to The Storms Are On The Ocean
Anytown - Welcome Home
Listen to No More California
Supergrass - Life On Other Planets
Za Listen to Za

The Themes To The Entire Triskaidekilogy
The Theme To The Prequel...
You Remember, The One Where They Explain Why He's Evil...
  The Theme To The Sequel...
You Remember, The One Where Spock Comes Back...

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