The Thirteenth Dimension
The movie went straight to cable access
The Dimension Of Sound In Hi-Fi Stereo
The Theme To 13D

You've got to hear this song! Do you enjoy it when people say this to you incessantly while you're trying to walk briskly down a dark street that you're not familiar with? Sure, we all do! Did you realize that for the price of a cup of coffee, you could own a copy of that song for your very own? Legally, I mean. I see how you are - with your smirky smile, and the rest of your smirky face... smirky nose, smirky forehead, and what have you. Well you know what, Richie don't "roll like that". He's not "down". He "can't figure out who keeps adding quote marks around his casual lingo". He's "not willing to admit that he has a problem, and he thinks that there's a 'punk' in the word 'punctuation'".

So do you want to hear that song or not?

Mates Of State - Team Boo
Boy plays drums. Girl plays keys. Boy and girl sing their hearts out. Glorious.

Whiner's Bio Listen to Whiner's Bio
Open Book Listen to Open Book
A Girl Called Eddy - self-titled
This girl whom they call Eddy - I find her intriguing. I wish to share a spaghetti dinner with her, while a team of union laborers erect a coat hanger that can hold her monstrous parka.

The Long Goodbye Listen to The Long Goodbye
Somebody Hurt You Listen to Somebody Hurt You
Viva Voce - The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
I like that I know practically nothing about this band, though I've liked them for several years. There's something exciting about mystery mingled with enthusiasm for a band like this.

Alive With Pleasure Listen to Alive With Pleasure
Daylight Listen to Daylight
They Might Be Giants - The Spine
You need not worry whether They Might Be Giants are getting tired or dull, because they are not. Not at all. Just listen to "Prevenge". It completely rocks - they always completely have.

Experimental Film Listen to Experimental Film
Wearing a Raincoat Listen to Wearing A Raincoat
Prevenge Listen to Prevenge
Oh Susanna - self-titled
Carrie Lee Listen to Carrie Lee
Little White Lies Listen to Little White Lies
Silvertide - Show and Tell
California Rain Listen to California Rain
To See Where I Hide Listen to To See Where I Hide
Jolie Holland - Escondida
Amen Listen to Amen
Phoenix - Alphabetical
Everything Is Everything Listen to Everything Is Everything

The Themes To The Entire Triskaidekilogy
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