The Thirteenth Dimension

I love all of you the same

The Dimension of Sound in Hi-Fi Stereo

Project Infinity

The Dimension Of Sound In Hi-fi Stereo

My first MOA? album is still my favorite one. Perhaps it's because I am more intimately familiar with it than with the other ones. Perhaps this was their finest hour or so. Perhaps I'm in that state of half-waking, and what I perceive to be "Transmissions From Venus" is actually my Ziggy alarm clock sounding off. They learned too late that I too am a thinking, feeling creature....



Proper Noun


$01 Escape Velocity Check out what the sonic translator did!
$02 Sferic Waves Nobody fully understands the effect lightning has on its victims
$03 (Classified) We don't want to tell you, and we might kill you anyway
$04 Transmissions From Venus Intro by Lee Van Cleef, Peter Graves from It Conquered The World
$05 Max Q The planet named in his honor is the home of Dexter X
$06 Inside The Atom It smells like feet in here
$07 Philip K. Dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart Personally, I think it sounds more like a Sears
$08 Put Your Finger In The Socket This is not a suggestion... it's an order
$09 Complex 34 Played entirely on a complex system of ropes and pulleys
$0A The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Unoriginal, but in an original way
$0B Tomorrow Plus X There's more out there than we can ever hope to understand
$0C Manta Ray This one's by the Pixies
$0D Point Blank You are caught, and are temporarily in hell!
$0E Special Agent Conrad Uno I like to believe that he has a canine companion named Trixie
$0F Alpha Surfari The Surfaris thought of it first, but then MOA? did too
$10 Mach One That's not the name of the song, it's the tempo... twit!