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"You know, at one time I read haiku on the radio."  When you read a sentence like that, it really makes you wonder. First of all, is that the present tense form of "read" with a long E, or is that "read" in the past tense? And shouldn't he have said "haikus" instead of "haiku", assuming he means more than one haiku? Well, the plural of haiku is in fact "haiku", and "read" is past tense. If you had heard me say that sentence verbally, you would only be left asking "Who are you? How did you get this number? Why don't you just leave us alone?!?!" But alas, those are questions I simply can't answer, since I only have one phone call.

To the right of this drivel that you inexplicably continue to read, you will find a husky variety of haiku resources. It's just a sampling of what you'll find when you unwittingly follow the provided links. So please feel free to open these doors to new worlds of strange things to say. It'll really take you back to the days when you were easily amused by shiny objects and things that taste like strawberries.

    My Exhausting Collection Of Haiku    

Carpe burrito!
Seize the border while you can!
Fill your spork with life!

If I had a dime
For every reader I have
I could buy soda.

Why does that fish food
Look like tiny bacon bits?
Jealousy blinds me.
    Cowku For Better Living    
My Ad Here
Cowku-dot-com has
Tons of haiku about cows.
I write, you suffer.
    Cow Teachers
Can we learn from cows?
They are meek, quiet creatures.
But they love that grass!
    Haiku Fashion Plate Postcards    
    Have you ever wanted to write your own haiku and send it to a friend, but didn't know how? Sure, we all do! Well, you can boogie on down to the Haiku Fashion Plate Postcard site and do just that, and less! Slap together the three madcap lines of your choice, and then you can send it as an email postcard, compliments of 13D.    
Here's A Horrible Example!
These pants are not mine
I have many coins for you
Why can't I be you

Link to the Thirteenth Dimension.